By November 2017, I was a shell of my true-self, trapped inside a windowless prison that I had created, but feeling as if I had no control over my actions, or my life.

Health and Fitness had always been my passion and having it as a foundation of my life kept me sane as I would describe it. But I realized during my lowest time in 2017, that I needed more connection in my life, to get more fulfillment out of my life. Developing a strong mindset for success and creating deep connections with myself and others became my obsession - my new addiction. The idea of practicing Transcendental Meditation had been planted in my mind a few months prior to my dive, and the pain of my situation motivated me to give it a try. My first 10 minute meditation session was instantly life changing. A few minutes after, I went outside and noticed the colors of nature were brighter, the weather was perfect and the light breeze on my skin was invigorating, my heart was light, and during a time when I had absolutely no business being happy, I let out the most joyful, child-like, laugh that brought me inner peace. I had connected with my consciousness, my true-self, for the first time, in a very long time.

Since that moment of awakening - realizing that I control my reality - I have chosen to fill my mind with inspiring stories and messages from an environment focused on personal growth, and revealed from my true, inner-self that is still breaking down the prison walls that the outside world had influenced me to build. This has allowed me to clearly define my intention, purpose, and my gift to the world. Being of service and guiding you to overcome your limiting beliefs, accomplish goals you once thought unreachable, building a strong-willed and successful mindset, and teaching you how to earn the self-love through my Alpha Mindset and Fitness Programs brings me the same feeling of child-like joy, and most importantly, fulfillment.